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At RocketstarsTM Academy we understand how important it is to balance meaningful learning with fun and discovery. Your child is at an exciting stage of their development, where the triumphs they experience and challenges they face can shape the person they become, and influence their academic potential.

The sky is the limit for your child, and at RocketstarsTM Academy we’re here to guide, support and inspire along the way.

Our location in Point Cook

We’ve been hard at work developing a unique activity hub in Point Cook, a happy space for school-aged children to stimulate their imagination, encourage discovery and foster creativity. Our range of innovative programs has been designed by experienced experts who care about their legacy – and the kids they have the privilege of teaching. We’ve launched with programs across sports, dance, music, drama, study preparation and curriculum-focussed academic learning.

Our teachers and experts

Teachers at RocketstarsTM Academy recognise that every child is unique, so we customise each program to suit differing needs, skills and learning styles. On top of this, we recognise the role of parents and guardians as educators and offer training and support sessions to further benefit your child’s schooldays, future study and hopefully their career. Our mission is to make a lifelong positive impact on your child’s development. With that in mind, we promise to constantly improve and offer evolving, technology-aware services that ensure our RocketstarsTM are always ahead of the game.

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Why Choose RocketstarsTM Academy

We believe every child deserves an exceptional education experience. Coupled with an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to learning and development where our whole team takes interest in each others’ outcomes, we have designed a program for your child that ticks all the boxes for personal and academic success.

Our team is committed to work as fun, reliable mentors to your kids throughout their RocketstarsTM learning journey. Alongside our Classes we’re excited to offer the new RocketstarsTM Growth Program for overall student potential.


  • Delivered by current practising education professionals, hand-picked for talent and child-safety
  • Offers research-based, holistic packages adapted to suit your child’s individual needs
  • Incorporates executive skill development such as time management, planning and prioritising, organisation, working memory and emotional regulation
  • Is outcome-oriented and developed in conjunction with the family’s goals and values
  • Supports guardians by developing a long-term, multi-year education plan for your child, preparing them to “take off” into their future.


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Rocketstars Point Cook 

Unit1/22-30 Wallace Ave,

Point Cook, VIC, 3030


0491 254 327  (English)

0402 329 676  (中文)

Please contact us via email if the office is unattended due to the COVID-19



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