Online Art Program

Our Art program is now available online! 🧑‍🎨We recognize how important it is to remain flexible with everything going on right now. So we’re adjusting how we do things to make learning more accessible, and safer for you and your child. We know too well it can be tricky to keep a child engaged in front of a computer, so we’ve prepped all the fun stuff that makes class enjoyable from home… the necessary supplies will be available for delivery (talk to us first) or pick-up at our Rocketstars Academy Campus in Point Cook. Questions? We’re ready to answer them now via Messenger, or just give us a call.

Principal announcement!

*Our 2020 Principal announcement!*

We’re proud to announce that Mr Rob Nelson has joined Rocketstars Academy as Principal, with this important new position effective July 2020. Rob brings rich educational leadership experience to Rocketstars, including 15 years as a school Principal. Rob was most recently Principal of Bannockburn College near Geelong for 5 years and has also led the Primary Science Curriculum within the Department of Education for 5 years, reflecting his significant experience and talent.

Rob shared the following along with the announcement; 
“My role with Rocketstars Academy is to help guide the Academy’s development and growth and ensure it delivers for every child. I am really looking forward to working with everyone to deliver on the goal of helping every child to be the best they can be.”


Kids bored at home? Make your own creations with air drying clay. 

As we enter the last week or so before our kids are back on school holidays, time indoors is set to become standard – for a good part of the next few weeks at least! As usual, activities will help the weeks fill with fun, and creative projects will keep screen-time in check.

Air drying clay is a super-easy way for your child to enjoy creating something in 3D, and sets hard without the hassle of having to “fire” the clay lot make it set hard. 

Here’s an idea of how you can get the kids started this week:

  1. Pickup some air-dry clay – various brands are available (e.g. DAS, Crayola or Mont Marte), anything rated safe for kids will do the trick.
  2. Speak with your child about what they’d like to make. Less finicky designs usually work best with air drying clay, as small arms and parts can dry out and break off quite easily.
  3. A simple figurine of their favourite superhero might be fun… Or perhaps a jewellery dish to keep all their special little things!
  4. Get creative with paints and colours once the clay has dried out, it’s usually only a few hours. Try out different kinds of paint to see which one works best – or even add mixed media like feathers, beads or details while the clay is still soft… If it’s fun, it’s fair game!

If the kids have fun, why not have another go the week after? Clay can make fun gifts for family members too.

You might even find yourself joining in! ☺️

Special Event: Kid’s Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

TRIAL OFFER: $25 Class, Normally $35. Let your child experience the empowering feeling of a self-defence method that uses many parts of the body to form an “8-point system”.

They’ll experience a class that offers good physical fitness alongside practical defence lessons… and a heap of fun! Register today before places fill up, and visit us at our new Point Cook Campus this Sunday (21/06/2020).

New Class Alert: Taekwondo Trial Class coming up next

New Class Alert 🚀 🚀 *Taekwondo Trial* coming up next on 26th June at our Point Cook Campus.

Kids can try out for just $10 on the day (with normal classes just $28 per week). We’re super excited to show you through our brand-new campus… Come say hello! Find out more about Rocketstars Academy and our wide range of face-to-face and online classes.

Call us on (03)9369 8774
Register online: https://rocketstars.com.au/enrolment/#trial


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