Watch them shine with Rocketstars dance classes

At RocketstarsTM Academy, we believe in the holistic development of children. So what better way to inspire fun, fitness, social skills, co-ordination, technique and grace than through embracing your child’s passion for dance!

We provide high-calibre dance training to children of all ages (from beginner to advanced levels) in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Urban Dance/Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. Kids can join our dance classes without needing prior experience, and we cater to children who enjoy recreational dance as well as those with a view to pursue dance at an examination level.

Through quality instruction, creativity and passionate teachers, we strive to empower children to carry the many positive attributes of performing arts with them for the rest of their lives. We aim to develop attributes such as:

  • Creativity and self-expression
  • Physical stamina and perseverance
  • Poise, grace and flexibility.
  • Musicality and coordination.

Our Tiny Tots and Creative Dance Classes are designed to be structured yet fun and encourage our youngest dancing Rocketstars to turn, jump, tap and clap their way to improved coordination, rhythm, cognitive skills, mental and muscle memory.

Our Junior, Intermediate, Senior Intermediate and Advanced classes are designed for our Rocketstars dancers to explore each dance discipline separately allowing the students to focus on and increase their skills specific to the dance styles they enjoy. Modern Jazz and Tap classes also offer students the opportunity to sit for examinations with an Internationally recognized Dance Examination Syllabus in these disciplines which can lead to formal qualifications in both dance and dance teaching.

Audition Information

At the beginning of each term, we host a fun and supportive 30 minute audition for students to trial a new class and to see which level would best suit their abilities. This way, they are comfortable and ready for their first day of proper classes without any worries or nerves. If you miss out on an Audition day, do not worry! During the first two weeks of each term, we have a trial period for new students to attend 1 class as a trial class for the price of 1 casual lesson, giving you the freedom to have a taste before you choose to sign up for the full term.


Our expert, certified dance teachers focus on the importance of personal progress, while helping students to learn the skills that underpin ballet technique including core stability, spatial awareness, improved posture, weight placement, turnout and line. Our class levels include:



Jazz incorporates a diverse mix of fun and upbeat dance styles, from those seen in classic musicals to modern pop music videos like JoJo Siwa or Disney’s The Descendants. We empower our Rocketstars to develop a sense of personal style and freedom of movement, using flexibility, rhythm, power and creativity to express themselves. Through our Jazz classes, our Rocketstar students have the opportunity to take part in performances and examinations with an internationally recognized Dance Examination Syllabus.  We cater to:



Tap is a lively and popular dance style, perfect for those who love to dance – and make a lot of noise at the same time! Classes include combinations, routines and fun rhythm exercises designed to develop both dance – technique and general musicality. Through our Tap classes, our Rocketstar students have the opportunity to take part in performances and examinations with an internationally recognized Dance Examination Syllabus.


Hip Hop

Also known as Urban Dance, Hip Hop is a fun, energetic and empowering style of street dance primarily performed to hip hop music, that has its own unique and energetic compilation of movements giving students a freedom of expression and creativity to explore and create their own sense of style and groove.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of classical ballet, lyrical, Jazz and hip hop. Learning Contemporary at Rocketstars, students will learn to express through often abstract and unexpected movement and improve their balance, confidence and skills for thinking ‘outside the box’.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre combines Dancing, Singing and Acting to tell a unique story often in a fun and uplifting way. In Musical Theatre class at Rocketstars, students will get a taste of Drama, Singing and Dancing all in the one class and learn to combine these skills to improve their performance, confidence and become entertaining storytellers, in a fun and creative environment.

Kids Latin

Rocketstars Academy is proud to offer the unique style of Latin-American dancing to your children. In this class, children will be exposed to a variety of Latin music and learn to interpret this music through dance. Children will be taught Latin fundamentals including counting music, basic steps, and basic body movement technique. In a typical class, selected steps will be taught and implemented in a short dance routine which children can practice throughout the week. This class promotes diversity and cultural education and is truly a special learning opportunity.


Adult Latin

Immerse yourself in a world of jovial Latin music in our street-derived Latin-American dance class! In this class you will learn the fundamentals of musicality, body movement, coordination, and Latin styling. In addition to learning Latin fundamentals, this class will work on improving confidence and interpersonal skills. Through working on the basics, this class will promote the joys and expressions of the Latino community of the social dance floor. Come and work up a sweat while having an exciting experience! Remember, it is never too late to learn to dance! 

Adult Physical Conditioning

Come and feel energised in our physical conditioning class! In this class you will learn to enjoy the challenge of pushing through physical and mental limitations in a calming environment where the only competition is yourself. Tailored for adults, this class involves stretching structures that support the skeleton and facilitate optimal body function including muscles, joints, and nerves, and strengthening the entire body. Throughout the stretches and strengthening exercises, you will be instructed on how to incorporate the important and often overlooked skill of breathing.



  • Tiny Tots (3-4yrs)                  $195.00
  • 1 Dance Class per week        $235.00
  • 2 Dance Classes per week    $446.00
  • 3 Dance Classes per week    $635.00
  • 4 Dance classes per week    $796.00
  • 5 or more dance classes       $940 (Unlimited Dance Classes)

See Your Child Shine at the Annual Concert

All Rocketstars will have the opportunity to shine in a range of settings, including at our Annual Concert.

With guidance from our teachers, dedicated dancers can choose to ‘wow’ their family as they perform their own solo dance, or to work as part of a group, demonstrating their technique, musicality and performance skills on stage before an audience and an adjudicator who will provide feedback after the concert.

RocketstarsTM Academy provides an opportunity for friendships and interpersonal skills to skyrocket in a rewarding, fulfilling and memorable setting.

Our first ever Annual Concert is planned for December 2020.


Brian Nolan CID-UNESCO

Formally Australian Ballet Company
Chairperson Royal Academy of Dance Vic and Tas Advisory Panel
Ambassador for the Arts – RocketStars
Grad Dip – Education
Grad Cert – Visual and Performing Arts
B.A. – Human Movement
Dip. Teaching RAD
Dip Dance – Australian Ballet School

Ambassador of the Arts

As a former member of the Australian Ballet Company I have been fortunate to have toured and performed all over the world and as I reflect on my experiences in the world of dance as a performer, a teacher, a Director and now a mentor, I continually celebrate all that it has given me including a host of precious memories and an unashamed sense of pride.

Over the years I have found dance and all the attributes that it brings, to be an immensely rewarding, exciting and certainly at times as challenging an experience as anyone could ever hope to acquire! However as wonderful as my career has been, I am ever conscious of the Education and study that my journey first took, enabling me to travel along my pathway and allowing me to pursue a career in the Arts.

Here at RocketStars we aim to ensure your child receives the highest quality Educational and Arts training possible, in a safe and nurturing environment. The commitment, self-discipline and dedication required and maintained by our teachers is extremely high and extremely demanding and our courses are designed to assist your child to hopefully become successful in any genre of Arts or Education

We hope to deliver all the requirements and needs for your child to possibly one day live out their dream or simply to be reassured that the training your child is receiving is the very best, so, for those who make the choice to join RocketStars the gains and the personal rewards can far outweigh anything else as we strive to overcome cultural, physical, emotional, gender and language differences through the human expression, which in turn links us all together, no matter where or from what corner of the globe we come from.

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