A chance to explore performing arts in a safe, fun space

At RocketstarsTM Academy we believe that drama classes can provide an exceptional and safe space for children to transform their emotions into an impressive expression of their unique creativity. It is perhaps the perfect place to nurture your child’s passion for performing and has been shown to enhance lifelong skills such as confidence, leadership skills, collaboration and communication.

Our drama classes focus on:

  • Acting
  • Speech and language, presence and energy training
  • Voice training
  • Choreographed movement and stage-performance

We help kids with development, self-esteem and a sense of their own identity by using drama simply as a means of expression. At RocketstarsTM Academy, the world is your stage… So let’s make it fun.

Our drama program is a 90-minute class per week where the students will explore the 4 fundamental expressive skills of Drama and learn to perform and speak a variety of texts including poetry, prose and play extracts in a structured week by week program. When studying Drama with Rocketstars, your child will also have the opportunity to partake in performances and examinations with an internationally recognized Drama and Speech examination syllabus.

Musical Theatre – If your Rocketstar child also loves to sing and dance, you can add on a 60-minute Musical Theatre class to their Drama program package or also sign them up for any of our dance or singing classes!

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