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What is success? Principal Rob’s top tips.

Wondering how to help your kid succeed in school? Every parent recognises the importance of education for their children. All of us hope our children will be successful throughout their education and go on to have a successful career or job.

Parents can use these simple tools to encourage success.

There are a few things that parents can do that can greatly help their children to be successful. I will briefly look at some of these in this episode of the blog and then more fully in future posts.

In our new series, drawing on his 40 years of educational experience, our Principal Rob Nelson talks about children’s education, and how to help your child be the best they can be.

As a parent you should be looking to:

Help them give their best effort

Encourage your child to always give their best. Each of us is an individual. We have different strengths and talents. Our effort and desire to always give our best will ensure we are successful.

We should be measuring success by reward for our effort, rather than just an arbitrary score. Don’t get me wrong, marks such as 98% or A+ are very important. But knowing that you got the mark you had aimed for because you gave it your best effort and did everything you could is intrinsically more rewarding and will ensure future success.

Find your child’s strengths and let them shine

Help your children recognise what they are good at. Look to be very specific. Break down success/strengths to elements your child can focus on.

For example, rather than say, ‘You are good at Maths.’ Tell your child, ‘You persist with working through a problem. You use efficient strategies to solve problems. You have a strong recall of number facts/processes.’

By focussing on skills etc you can encourage your child to use these positive attributes in more challenging situations. For example:

  • ‘You are very good at persisting with a problem. Be sure you persist when you are challenged.’
  • ‘What strategy did you use last time? Will that strategy help you with this problem?”

These strengths are areas that your children can control and develop. If you’re keen to read more, see GROWTH MINDSET by Carol Dweck.

Enjoyment is key!

The third area to discuss today is enjoyment. We all do better at things we enjoy/like, including to succeed at school.

Look to make learning (and school) enjoyable. Celebrate successes. Give feedback* (‘You included some very effective descriptive phrases in your writing. You provided the reader clear and interesting information in your report.’) that acknowledge the work done. Help your child develop the ability to identify their successes and what they did to achieve them.

Highlight how what they are doing will help them have continued success. Show that; you are still learning — give concrete examples — and that you enjoy learning. Play games that utilise learning.

*I will discuss feedback and learning conversations in a future post.
In the next post I will write about READING.

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