Meet Ramona Packham, ballet and latin expert.

Helping kids be the best they can be is what drives us, and it’s no secret. Why?

Last week we introduced Emma, and now we meet Ramona… in our new series profiling the Rocketstars™ Academy teachers.

Because our amazing team of teachers and experts are incredibly passionate about seeing their students develop and grow into successful, happy young people.


Ramona-Packham-Rocketstars Academy Ballet & Latin Teacher

Tell us what it is you teach, and why you do what you do.

Ramona: Teaching kids to dance is founded on the gratitude I have for being given this same opportunity as a little one. Growing up in the studio is one of the most precious gifts I ever received. I love to watch kids share the same passion I have, and to see them learning, developing, and enjoying the process is invaluable. 

Teaching adults is a personal favourite…

I love meeting motivated individuals who are fighting to overcome the barriers of pursuing fitness and joy. Creating an environment to facilitate healthy social community is exciting, and I certainly benefit in this social aspect myself! 

Rocketstars Academy is a team of incredibly passionate people. What drives you to help kids be the best they can be?

Ramona: An essential part of my role is to make kids aware of the potential they have and then support them in getting there!

Kids inspire me because they dream big dreams. The people they look up to and learn from are going to have an impact on the decisions they make for the rest their lives. To be a part of unlocking their fearlessness is an opportunity I would never give up.

What’s your favourite saying or quote to do with teaching kids?

Ramona: The phrase ‘I can’t’ is simply not to be in your vocabulary.

What do you think is the best part and the best thing about remote learning – but also the most challenging thing?

Remote learning has allowed us to continue pursuing the hobbies and interests we all have! It provides us with a platform to continue working toward our goals, interacting with friends, and gives us structured activity day to day.

The most challenging part of remote learning is being unable to transmit our energy and excitement in its fullest, but we’ve done our very best… And will be back to face-to-face soon!

Stay tuned for more… or meet our Principal Rob Nelson.

Rocketstars Academy has launched a range of exciting new online classes to help your child be the best they can be, run from our Point Cook HQ.

For more info on how we can support your child’s educational journey, or for a free trial class contact us on 03 9369 8774 or read more here.

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