School Principal – Rob Nelson

Hi, my name is Rob Nelson. I am really excited to have joined the Rocketstars Academy team.

I have been an educator for 40 years. My most recent role was as Principal of Bannockburn College, a P-12 school of 800+ students near Geelong. I am a trained primary teacher. I also enjoyed a stint in Curriculum Branch at the Department of Education for 5 years looking after primary science for the whole state.  I spent the last 15 years of my career as a Principal, a very rewarding role.

My role with Rocketstars Academy is to help guide the Academy’s development and growth and ensure it delivers for every child.  I am really looking forward to working with everyone to deliver on the goal of helping every child to be the best they can be. I will be helping build the Academy to meet all of its regulatory and educational targets and to collaborate with everyone so we can all be “the best that we can be!”

Academic Teacher

Rob Nelson

Academic Teacher (Prep – Year 3)

Elmas Arikan

Academic Teacher (Prep – Year 6)

Kass Abbouchi

Academic Teacher (Prep – Year 6)

Jennifer Haralambopoulos

Academic Teacher (Prep – Year 3, Reading & Writing)

Joy Plummer

Academic Teacher (Prep – Year 3)

Maritza Orellana

Academic Teacher (Homework Club)

Sara Gustavsson

Academic Teacher (Early Learning, Prep)

Art Teacher

Ashleigh Kaye

Dance Teacher

Emma Wilby

Drama Teacher

Pouya Bagheri

Art Teacher


Music Teacher (Guita)

Anna Gints

Music Teacher (Vocal, Piano)

Ramona Packham

Dance Teacher

Tess Keech

Art teacher (Early Learning)

Sports Teacher

Connor Deng

Sports Teacher (Tennis)


Sports Teacher (Thai Boxing)


Sports Teacher (Taekwondo)


Sports Teacher (Taekwondo)

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