Get an edge with Sport Skills Development at RocketstarsTM Academy

At RocketstarsTM, we strongly believe that kids are truly empowered when they’re playing sports. Let your child experience the exhilaration, fun and satisfaction found within teamwork, increased fitness and overall skill increases as they stick at it and master new abilities.

Not only is sport linked to better health, fitness, cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive function but it also has a range of holistic, personal and interpersonal benefits. At RocketstarsTM Academy we suggest balancing academic learning with the physical release of exercise, fitness and team games.

  • Physically fit children demonstrate greater attentional resources, have faster cognitive processing speed and perform better on standardized academic tests.
  • Numerous studies show that higher levels of fitness are linked with better control of attention, cognition and memory.
  • Motor movement primes the brain for the development of cognitive skills, self-regulation behaviours and the encoding of academic content.
  • Regular movement allows for the regulation of internal energy, alerting the attention system and mood management. This applies to children who are prone to over-excitability, inattention and agitation, as well as those studying for exams.

Choose from our range of different Sports programs:



Levels: Beginner, Junior, Intermediate

Mixed indoor basketball offers both boys and girls the chance to improve core skills such as running, jumping, change of speed and direction, ball-handling, and ‘shooting’ at a target. Our expert teachers bring a focus on supporting development of hand-eye coordination, a sense of fair play and fitness – but they also encourage just having fun, making new friends and experiencing camaraderie within a team.

  • 60 Mins / Lesson

  • Skills Class Only                         $295.00

  • Game Session Only                    $100.00

  • Skills & Game Session Pack        $395.00

  • Age of 5 – 10+

Mini Multisports

Rocketstars Basketball Skills Classes will teach students many different techniques and drills associated with Basketball to help them learn to become better overall players. Our Basketball Program focuses on individual skill development across three main facets of the game – shooting, dribbling and passing. This program is run by Rob Nelson, our Principal and professional Basketball Coach of over 30+ Years’ Experience.

  • 60 Mins / Lesson

  • $295

  • Age of 3-5


Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate, Elite Competition

Children’s group classes are the best way to introduce your child to tennis. Children learn technical tennis skills, improve their general coordination, balance, mobility, strength, fitness. The Group environment of our Tennis classes allows for fun games and helps students to make new friends, build confidence and learn about teamwork. Kids can join our tennis classes without needing prior experience, and we cater to children who enjoy recreational tennis as well as those with a view to pursue Tennis at a competitive level.

  • 60 Mins / Lesson

  • $295

  • Age of 6+

*  Our weekly classes are based in Point Cook campus 

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