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The challenges of home learning

Home learning. Nobody said it was going to be easy!

How are you managing with having this new (and of course hugely important) responsibility? All around Victoria right now, parents are more hands on than ever in the education of their child, or kids. 

Kids are amazing

Just like many of us in our day jobs, our kids’ amazing teachers have adapted quickly to new technology. And new ways of facilitating learning. Odds are, school-age students are much faster at learning new digital skills than what we parents are! 

This resilience and pace of change is impressive, to say the least. It’s something we will probably look back on and celebrate!

It can be tough

But it can be quite tough on mums and dads.

What we’re quickly learning is that no matter how great the software or digital experience might be, and no matter how much planning and structure there is in a young student’s week…

It’s the unexpected questions and the unknown challenges that are most likely going to come back to mum or dad. And quite possibly at the same time as mum or dad has work deadlines, Zoom calls, and learning new stuff themselves. It really is an unprecedented situation!

It’s OK to call it out

It’s OK to stop and acknowledge that things are actually a bit tough. We believe it’s OK to stop and connect with someone in your network is probably going through the same thing. Maybe it’s a supportive comment on Facebook this week, or a chat with a parent in the exact same boat. Why not reach out this week and connect with someone you know?

The team here at Rocketstars Academy is in this with you. We’ve just dropped the price for the lockdown period of our classes – so if you need a little extra help fo the next 6 weeks our next class is Monday.

Get in touch

DM us, comment or just give us a call and we’d be honoured to play a role in your child’s learning during this period and beyond (check out our Facebook page for details, it’s around half price so really really good value that we hope will make a difference to some local families). You can enrol here for a Trial Class too.

Our amazing Academic teacher Shelly keeping it fun from home!

Thanks and much love

– The Rocketstars Academy Team

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