Making the most of study times in lockdown

Kids study from home
Studying at home is the new normal in Victoria, for now.

Remote learning in Victoria… helping our kids with school work is the new normal, and this can certainly prove challenging at times. Juggling competing demands, work or other commitments and still having time to provide the needed support – it’s a lot! And yet this will perhaps become one of the most rewarding things we have done, and give our little ones some of their best memories of school times with us.

It might be their friends that they miss the most, or maybe their favourite teacher. But you can play a lead role in making study at home the best it can be.

Teachers… our kids’ heroes

We often expect a lot from our child’s teachers, and for good reason. The development of our kids is our number one priority! One thing we have been reminded of though (if we’d forgotten this, even for a moment), is the huge role a caring and dedicated school and its teachers can play in our child’s school life. Teachers and educators everywhere have had huge change to rise to, and it’s been amazing to see this play out with quick moves to new technology and student support.

Learning from home

Being prepared and having a good study space setup can make a big difference for kids’ feeling comfortable and ready to put in the right effort. A clean area with a desk the right height, appropriate seating for a child… and of course the right books, pens and goodies.

Keep up the amazing work, you’re doing something so important in these unprecedented times! 💆‍♂️👩‍👦 🎈

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